When we think of the creative process, it's interesting to think of the courage it takes for us to find the way to really express our own unique vision of reality, to somehow capture the fleeting moment through an image or through some means of expression that is original and unique to us. As Rollo May says of the great artist Giacometti, "He was so dedicated to capturing on canvas his momentary perception of reality that fame and fortune mattered to him not at all. It took all of his energy, courage and strength to convey his vision." You might say that each of us is a creative artist in this life. Each of us is trying to create a work of art— of beauty, harmony, and integrity— out of the fabric of our life itself. Our canvas is the sixty or seventy or eighty years we have to live. Our paintbrush is our highest aspirations and ideals, our personal integrity and, most of all, the gift of individuality that each of us has received from this life. No two views of the universe are exactly the same. Let's have the courage to find and express our unique, creative gift to our world.