Mozart was once asked for some advice on writing symphonies by an aspiring young composer. Mozart said, "You are still very young. Why not begin with ballads?" The young man objected, "But you composed symphonies when you were only ten years old." "True," Mozart responded. "But I didn't ask how." Sometimes we are being too grandiose. In reaching for the sky, we may trip over our feet on the earth. Clarity, energy and momentum come when we quit trying to overreach ourselves. Emerson said that each of us has something completely unique and original to give to this life; the path of wisdom is to discover our unique gift and then to get busy giving it to our world. We don't have to waste our time envying or imitating the great innovators of mankind. When we find our own unique expression, then we are too busy refining our creative abilities to bother about what someone else has done or is doing. We become part of the Creative Process of this life, and we fulfill our destiny with joy and love.