Frank Lloyd Wright, the great American ar-chitect, once designed a house to be built over a waterfall. Engineers tried to dissuade the man who had commissioned the house from going through with the plans. They presented him with drawings showing grave problems with Wright's design. The would-be owner got in touch with Wright to show him the engineers' criticisms of his design. Wright dismissed them and said, "If you don't have faith in me to build this house, you are not worthy of it." The owner decided that Wright was right. He had the engineers' drawings buried in one of the cornerstone columns of his new house and went ahead with Wright's plans. Today, the house over the waterfall is one of the great architectural wonders of the world. Yet the idea could have been squelched so easily. When we are tempted to back away from a great idea out of fear, let's remember Frank Lloyd Wright and complete what we start out to do.