When we receive the results from a medical test, and we are told the results are negative, this is very positive news. It means that we don't have what we were worried we had. Many times in life the absence of distress is a very positive indication. We don't worry about what is working— it is only that which causes us distress or discomfort that brings us the awareness of pain. The reality is that so much of our life does work out very well, that we tend to exaggerate the few areas of problem. When something major does happen, we realize how minor our petty little problems really are. As the Sufis say, "When the house is on fire, the toothache flies out the window." When there is a serious concern, our other problems vanish. Why wait until we have a big problem to release the little ones? Right now we can give up our overconcern and let ourselves enjoy all of the areas of our life that are working.