How do we get our timing right in life? Sometimes we need to be inwardly silent until we hear the next step for us to take. Being silent doesn't just mean not speaking; it means listening deep down inside of ourselves. Often when we are silent, we may not be listening. We may be worrying or planning to worry. Inner listening means being in touch with our intuitive responses to life. There's a kind of flow and synchronicity to things when we are inwardly still and open. The right person calls us at the right time or we call him or her, or we are guided to send a letter to so-and-so, or we suddenly see a new way of approaching a situation. Our timing becomes clear and appropriate to each moment as we let go of fixed attitudes and adopt an openness based on inner listening and receptivity. We simply relax our mental hold on things, and things have a way of coming together and coming into agreement, easily, without strain and without effort.