A fax machine transmits written documents from one place to another. The only condition is that you have to have a fax machine to receive what another fax machine is sending you. Many times people will call up and say, "Well, I'll fax the invoice or the letter or the material to you." And if you say, "Sorry, we don't have a fax machine," then together you have to figure out a more laborious way of receiving the material you need. Sometimes the universe is trying to fax our spiritual breakthrough to us, but our inner fax machine has shut down; so we can't receive the message. Sometimes we just don't believe that something new and good is going to happen to us. But so many, many things have happened to us in this life— why couldn't something really great and stupendous happen? There's nothing to stop it from happening. Why not keep our spiritual fax machine open to receive the message that opens our hearts and fills our life with joy?