A man was on a train dining car having lunch. "And for dessert," he told the waiter, "I'll have pastries." "Sorry, sir, we are all out of pastries." "What do you mean, you're out of pastries?" The man was furious. "I am a very important friend of the owner of this railroad; I give a lot of business to this line— how dare you run out of pastries." The waiter continued to apologize, to no avail. Sometime later, the waiter came to the man's compartment and presented him with freshly made pastries which the chef had baked especially for him. "Forget the pastries," the man declared, "I'd rather be mad!" Sometimes no matter how many good things our life is giving us each day, we would rather hold on to an old grudge. We can release the old feelings of anger and blame and just be thankful for the goodness of life now.