What do we think of when we think of fulfillment in life? Achieving our career and life goals? A happy and fulfilling relationship? Family satisfaction? Financial security? Travel? Or perhaps we have a spiritual goal— enlightenment or self-realization? It's interesting to observe ourselves when we think of fulfillment to see if we are thinking in the present or if we are thinking of 'someday' down the road; the time that is yet to come. Too often we postpone our acceptance of fulfillment because we can't imagine this present time without some problem we have yet to solve. If only, we say, things were finally settled, then we could be fulfilled. But our life is a process of unsettlements. Perhaps it's not only possible, but inevitable, that we find our fulfillment not some time later when we have it all together, but right now, right in the midst of all the issues of our life. This really is the only time we have for our fulfillment, so why not let ourselves be fulfilled and happy now?