Sometimes we ask the question, "Why doesn't everything just work out right for us?" We find that life on this earth isn't quite perfect. Be it job, family, relationships, finances or the way things work from day-to-day, we notice that no matter how well things work, there are always areas in our life which seem to miss the mark. When I was teaching at the university, no matter how well the other classes were doing, there was always one class that didn't seem to be going too well. The interaction with the students, the interest level, the communication and enthusiasm, just wasn't there. No matter how hard I tried, that one class never seemed to come together. Perhaps we have ten interactions throughout our day— nine go very well, one doesn't work-out. Yet we always tend to focus on that one that didn't work-out. We tend to see the one area of a flawed experience as if that were the most important thing. Perhaps we need to just relax and realize that life is a mixture— not every-thing always works— and let ourselves be grateful and thankful for all the things that do.