Sometimes we think that pushing and shoving is the way of victory in this life. I remember the first time I got on a crowded subway in New York City. Everyone was elbowing his way on as if there were not enough room or seats— as though if we didn't force our way on, we would be left behind. Yet everyone did make it onto the subway—even those who chose not to push and shove. We become very competitive and aggressive when we are afraid that there is not going to be enough good to go around; we think that we need to get ours before anyone gets it ahead of us. What stress and strain all this worrying and struggle can cause us! Yet there is another way; we can choose to trust that life hasn't brought us this far to let us down or disappoint us. We can choose to surrender to life itself, relax, release our fearful hold on people and things, let go and let life guide and direct us to our good. If what we want also wants us, all we need to do is relax into our meeting and connecting.