We all go through times, for whatever reason, of feeling uncertain and insecure about ourselves and our life. A man once went to a therapist for a year. At the end of that time, the therapist commented, "Well, maybe life isn't for everyone." Sometimes this is how we feel deep down inside: maybe life isn't for us. We may be facing a health issue or a financial or job issue, or we may have a crisis in a deep personal relationship. Or sometimes, for no apparent outer reason, we just feel insecure, as if our inner stabilizing mechanism was suddenly not there. During these times, we are tempted to do almost anything to regain some sense of security. But we can experience a profound spiritual breakthrough when we allow ourselves not to resist this feeling of insecurity. When you feel insecure, just be insecure; don't fight the feeling or try to cover it up— the insecurity itself will bring into your awareness a deep and lasting insight and realization. When you feel insecure, trust the way of insecurity to guide you on your path.