There are always two ways of looking at any situation— we can always take either the positive or negative point of view. A pessimist is someone who is constantly seeing what isn't working. A pessimist once consulted an advisor who said, "Make three new friends and see what happened." He followed the advice, and nothing happened. Now he complains that he's stuck with three new friends. Things in life don't always work out the way we hope or the way we expect them to. We all have the tendency to become disappointed or frustrated when our dreams or plans don't seem to work out. Yet there is always the possibility that something even greater than anything we have envisioned will come forth out of our thwarted plans. We can always look to the good and claim it even in the midst of apparent disappointment. Never give up on the unexpected breakthrough coming right on the heels of what isn't working. We can turn failure into success in this life by keeping our vision focused on the good we seek, regardless of appearances. Be open for your breakthrough now.