It's almost the time to put away our summer clothes and don our fall and winter outfits. It's almost time to switch over our swamp coolers and turn on our heater pilot lights. There is already a bite of coolness in the air in our mornings and evenings. We can feel a poignant regret at the passing of summer warmth. But cool weather brings a refreshing sharpness and clarity to mind and heart. There is a kind of fall awakening that releases us from that summer languor that semi-hypnotizes us into a mild inertia. We need the summer warmth to mellow out our inner being. We also need the brisk, clear, cold of autumn to focus us and give us the motivating force for action. We while away our days in summer— autumn is a time of fresh resolve, a moving forward with new energy into our life. Let this fall be your time of awakening.