In one of his books, Robert Schuller cites the value of list making. He says that making a list each day keeps us on track and helps us to stay focused on our goals so we don't become distracted or forget what we need to do. Schuller offers the following story to illustrate this point. A couple decided that they wanted some ice cream. The husband agreed to go to the store. "Write it down," the wife said, "or you'll forget it." "No, I know what to get," said the husband. "Don't forget," the wife said, "vanilla ice cream." As the husband walks out the door, she yells, "And get some chocolate syrup to go over the vanilla ice cream." "OK, OK," he says. As he gets into the car the wife opens the window and yells, "And get some nuts to go with the ice cream." "OK, OK," he says as he drives away. But when he gets to the store, he can't remember what he had come for. After desperately wandering down the aisles, he makes a purchase and drives back home. In horror, the wife opens the package and finds a carton of eggs. "What is this?" she screams, "I knew you'd forget! You forgot the bacon."