There are two kinds of freedom: freedom from what we don't want and freedom to do what we do want. It can be helpful to clarify this distinction because, even though we use the same word 'freedom', what we mean is very different. When we say, "I want to be free," many times we mean we want to be released from a trying and oppressive situation. We say, "If only I could get free from this person or situation, then things would be okay for me." Much of our life, at times, seems to be spent untangling ourselves from oppressive circumstances. Yet there is also freedom to in our life: freedom to be creative, freedom to achieve our goals, freedom to discover and fulfill an ultimate purpose in this life. Thankfully, the great artists, musicians and poets always kept their focus on freedom to— the expression of their creative genius. What a tragedy for humanity if a Bach or Mozart or Picasso had spent his days worrying about the bills or relationships. Perhaps we too need to keep our attention more on what we are creating in this life! Let's be freedom ‘to-ers' too.