A son once sent his mother for her birthday a talking bird that spoke five languages. He paid $500.00 for this extraordinary bird. A day later he called and asked his mother how she liked the bird. "Delicious," she said. The son screamed, "You ate the bird! That was a talking bird; I paid $500.00 for that bird. It spoke five languages." "So why didn't it say something when I put it in the oven?" the mother replied. Sometimes we take it for granted that people will understand our intentions and will respond accordingly. But people have their own way of seeing reality, and their viewpoint may not be quite the same as ours. What is important to us may not be so important to them. It is always helpful to communicate clearly with others about our concerns so that they understand us. Clarity in relationships helps us avoid unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding. When we speak our mind clearly, others are likely to respond in kind, and genuine communication occurs.