Peter De Vries once said, "I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork." There's an old saying, "God is in the details," meaning that we discover the highest spiritual truth in the midst of fulfilling our responsibilities in the everyday world. A kitchen was once being remodeled in a Zen monastery. The woman who was doing the remodeling remarked to the Zen Master, "Everything is completed, except for a few details." The Zen Master responded in a puzzled tone, "The details?— that's all there is, is details." Sometimes we want to escape the details of our ordinary life. Yet it is within the details that we find our deepest realization and enlightenment. So let's not neglect the details in favor of something more important. When we are completely focused on the details of our life, we realize that the details themselves are the path to our enlightenment. Your work in the world is the way of your spiritual fulfillment.