A man once had a dream in which a radiant, light-filled being was beckoning to him. It was interesting that this being was sitting on the front seat of bicycle-built-for-two. The radiant being apparently wanted the man to join him on the bicycle. The man felt embarrassed; he didn't want to be seen riding on such a contraption even with a great spiritual being riding with him. But finally, after some hesitation, the man got on the bicycle. And the two started pedalling. The bicycle began to go faster and faster; soon it was moving at an incredible speed through time and space. The man on the back of the bicycle became so filled with the wonder and joy of it all that he suddenly stopped pedaling. Just as suddenly, the spiritual being in the front also stopped pedaling. The man was momentarily puzzled, and then he realized that he had to do his share, that he also had to pedal for the joyous journey to continue. In our life, our spiritual momentum continues as long as we do our part; when we stop, it stops.