An ant once said to a centipede, "How do you know which leg to move first?" The centipede thought about this for awhile. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. "How do I know which leg to move first?" The centipede became so obsessed with knowing how he knew that soon he became immobilized- he couldn't move at all. He was stuck in the thought world. We, too, can become stuck and frozen when we spend too much time trying to figure everything out, trying to know how we know what we know. Reflection and analysis are good in their proper spheres of human unfoldment, but when we push these faculties and demand to know how everything works or fits together, we may become frustrated and blocked because life is infinitely more subtle and complex than our deepest thought. The intellect is part of the whole of the vast field of consciousness we call life. Since the part can never totally know the whole, we can relax.