A giant computer suddenly quit working, and everything in the office came to a standstill. After some delay, a technician arrived to repair the machine. The technician asked the office manager, "What's the trouble?" She replied, "The mainframe is working; the terminals are all on; everything seems to be hooked up." "So what's the problem?" The technician asked. "When they type on the keyboards, nothing shows up on the screen— nothing happens." The technician nodded and smiled. He walked around the mainframe for a few seconds. Then he yelled, "Got it!" He reached to the back of the console of the mainframe and gave it one tap. The keyboard operators yelled, "It's working!" The manager said in utter relief, "You're a genius. How much do we owe you?" "$600.00," said the technician. "What! For thirty seconds work? I won't pay a cent without an itemized statement!" hollered the office manager. The technician calmly wrote, "Tapping the computer console— $20.00. Knowing where to tap— $580.00." Within us is the exact knowledge we need to make our life work.