There is an old legend about Bodhidharma, the great spiritual master who is said to have brought Chan or Zen Buddhism from India to China. The story is that Bodhidharma spent seven years meditating on a wall in a cave before he spread the new Zen teachings throughout China. Some friends from Albuquerque went to China recently. Knowing the legend, they went on a pilgrimage to Bodhidharma's shrine. When they got to the shrine, they asked the attendant, "Where's the wall?" The attendant answered in true Zen fashion, "The wall is everywhere." Sometimes we think that we can get off track or out of synch with our true life path. But just as with Bodhidharma's wall, our path is everywhere. We can't miss what is the right way for us in this life. Sometimes we obsess because we think we've missed our chance. But our Way is always right here beckoning to each of us in this moment.