There's an old saying, "A pickpocket only sees a saint's pockets." What is significant to us in our daily life right now? Surely not just our daily routine, and surely not just our weekend leisure time. What gives us a deeper sense of meaning and reality in the midst of all the comings and goings of life? When we were quite young, perhaps pleasure gave our life its deepest meaning, so we pursued pleasure as our goal. Then perhaps success and achievement became our reason for being. Yet beyond pleasure, success and achievement there seems to be a profound yearning and longing to experience or realize a peace and freedom that is somehow outside of human striving. We might call this the longing for enlightenment or liberation. When this longing for liberation becomes operant in our hearts, our whole sense of the significance of things undergoes a profound and subtle change. We become aware of ourselves and our lives in quite a different way, and our attitude toward the ups and downs of life correspondingly changes. Instead of asking what will give us pleasure or success, we ask: what will free us?