Many of us live complex, multi-faceted lives on this earth. We wear different and, at times, conflicting hats throughout our days: family, job, friends, social and professional activities all demand and receive our attention. We can go through our changes each day in a stressful and harried way, or we can learn the great secret of relaxing into our day. We don't have to wait for a vacation or time off to relax. Right now, each of us can just relax, let go, let things be. Relax our bodies. Relax our minds. Relax our hearts. Now that we are relaxed— relax even more. Let go of the tiny anxious thought, the worried, tired frown, the painful feeling of pressure; just relax, be open, be gentle, be still, let go. Ah— there's only peace. Let's rest in this peace for a little while.