William Blake said, "If the sun and moon should doubt, they would immediately go out," meaning that trust is a basic component of life. We do trust that things will work out for us each day pretty much as we planned. We expect the newspaper to be delivered, the mail to come, the trash to be picked up and, in general, people to do what they say they will do. Indeed, it's always a shock when something doesn't work out as we expect it to. If we really stop to think about it, most of our life is based on trust. We trust that we will wake up tomorrow, that daylight will come, that the world will still exist and that everything and everyone will more or less be as we expect them to be. We trust that our bodies won't forget to breathe and somehow they will digest and assimilate our food for us. Since we really trust this life in so many ways to take care of us, why not relax and trust that things are working out for us now and will work out for us in all the areas of life— what else can we do but trust?