My wife took our gray cat to the vet recently. When the vet started to give him some shots, the gray cat hid his face in my wife's coat— he just didn't want to see what they were doing to him. Sometimes, in our lives, we are overly-sensitive and aware of what 'they' are doing to us. We become conscious of the smallest imposition or slight; we bristle at the tiniest carelessness when it is directed at us. If we are too aware of the frictions of this life, we can find peace and ease by taking time to turn within, get quiet and release our connection to the outer world for a while every day. Turning within daily gives us a feeling of inner calm and clarity, a sense that we are in control of ourselves and our lives. When we are feeling too sensitive to the outer world, let's remember to take the time to find peace and harmony and order from deep within ourselves— and then we let this inner peace out-picture into our world.