As we hurry through our days, perhaps the one thing we each most need is to take the time to become inwardly centered. Resting at the center means that we relax and inwardly put ourselves in the hands of life. We stop the struggle, release the anxiety, quit the worry. We come to a point of rest. Sometimes we feel that the world is hanging on our shoulders. But it's not. We can do our jobs and fulfill our commitments in life without strain and without burden. We can do what we do, with peace of mind and heart. No need to struggle right now This moment is filled with all that we need to complete our task— the moment isn't holding itself back from us— it's giving itself to us so that we will have the time to do whatever is necessary. Relax into this moment now, rest at the center of your being now and let everything work out well for you, now. You can rest inside now, and all things will be well.