When I first moved into my new house sometime ago, there was a tree by the driveway that seemed to have a grudge against me. When I got out of my car, this tree seemed to reach out and stab me with its long sharp branches. This was an aggravating tree. No matter how far away I parked, it always seemed to be there to clutch me and tangle me up in its needle-like branches. I thought about rooting it up, but my wife voted against this. Finally, enough of the garage became clear from the move to allow me to park my car inside, and I was freed from my painful encounters with the dreaded tree. One day recently an excited lady came to our door. She asked, "Where did you find such a beautiful Broom tree?" referring to my foe by the driveway. "That is a very rare tree, and how did you get it to grow right there?" It is fascinating how someone will see beauty and value where someone else sees inconvenience and aggravation. Which do we want to see?