St. Catherine of Siena once said, "There is no way to peace. Peace itself is the way." Sometimes we think that we have to find peace first, then we'll be able to act. Or we think that through our actions, we will eventually come to peace. Yet peace itself is an action. When we let go of all of our anxiety and fretfulness, our trying to make things work out, trying to manipulate ourselves and others, when we drop all of our anxious striving, we discover the peace that is already there at the center of our being. When we find this gentle peace at the center of who we are, we can relax, let go and trust that this peace will take us to where we need to be and will bring to us all that we need. No matter what is happening or not happening right now, we can relax this moment and let go to the peace at the center of ourselves and know that this peace will support and sustain us now and always.