Idries Shah tells the story of when the legendary Nasrudin was once shown a beautiful woodland scene with a clear blue sparkling lake nestled in the middle of a great forest of trees. After viewing the picturesque scene for a while, Nasrudin turned to his fellow admirer and said with a deep sigh, "Ah, if only...." "If only what, Nasrudin?" his friend asked. "If only they hadn't put water in it," Nasrudin sighed. Many of us get caught in the "if onlys"-- If only we had more money. If only we were in the right job or right relationship or right family. If only someone understood us better. We can spend so much time regretting the givens of our life, that we lose track of the beauty and joy each day brings to our hearts. We can release all our regrets by simply deciding that this life is a wondrous gift, enchanting beyond anything we can imagine, better than anything we can conceive.