Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist, was once in a small music shop in a foreign city. He asked the proprietor the cost of a violin in his shop. The proprietor mentioned a sum of money. Kreisler said, "I'll be right back— I want to see how your violin compares to the one I have." Kreisler went around the corner to his hotel and soon returned with his own violin. When the owner saw the violin, he immediately summoned a policeman. "This thief has stolen Fritz Kreisler's violin," he shouted to the policeman. Since Kreisler had no identification with him, the policeman was all set to arrest him. Kreisler thought for a moment, then he picked up the violin and began to play. With tears in his eyes, the shop proprietor waved the policeman away. "Only Fritz Kreisler could play Mozart like that," he said. We can always tell the ring of truth and beauty beyond any deception— we need only listen with the ears of the heart to know the real when we hear it.