There is a Zen saying, "The enlightened person is not there for joy, but the enlightened person is not not there for joy," meaning that when we set out to capture joy it always eludes us. Joy is something we come upon; it is the unexpected dazzling beauty that suddenly captivates our hearts. We can't imprison joy in the narrow confines of our expectations. Joy explodes upon our horizon when we are simply open and receptive. There is a story about Ramakrishna as a boy of seven, carrying rice in two buckets across a field in Northeastern India. Ramakrishna happens to look up as a flock of wild geese soar across a purple sky. As he gazes at the wild beauty of the geese crossing the sky, he actually collapses in an ecstasy of joy, the buckets of rice spilling in every direction. When we are tempted to try to trap the beauty and joy of the moment into a tiny thought-construct, remember we are not here to capture joy but to be captured by joy.