Einstein once said that there is really only one important question: Is the universe a friendly place to be or not? Is our world friendly? How do we really see our world each day? Are the people in our life sincere and cooperative; do they have our best interests at heart? Is our attitude friendly and open and receptive; have we made friends with our world? Or are we having a conflicted relationship with our life? Do we say, "It's a jungle out there—you have to get yours before someone beats you to it." We can see the people and situations of our life as either hostile or friendly; the choice is ours. As we see it, so is it unto us. A friendly man was once asked about his town. He replied, "It's a very friendly town; everyone helps his neighbor." An unfriendly man when asked the same question replied, "It's a cold and hostile town; people are aloof and judgmental; no one helps anyone." Let's make sure that we are living in a friendly universe, and the universe will be a friend to us.