In the East Indian Yoga tradition, the experience of enlightenment or liberation is called Moksha and is described as "the light of a thousand suns." In the Kabbalistic tradition of Jewish mysticism, the experience of the Ain Soph Aur is called that of limitless light. Indeed, we tend to equate the experience of light with that of insight, clarity or realization. When we come upon the solution to some problem, we say, "Ah, I see the light." In psychological process, a person frequently has the experience of going through a tunnel and coming out into the light. We've all seen cartoons in which a character's new idea is pictured as a light bulb. Perhaps more than anything else, more than a new job, new relationship or more money, more than anything, what each of us needs right now is a bright, shining, new thought which clarifies our understanding and pierces through all the obscurities of our life into a new dawn of wakefulness and penetrating light. Be open to the light of your spiritual realization.