May is traditionally the month in which the Buddha's birthday and his enlightenment are celebrated by hundreds of millions of Buddhists around the world. In about the 6th century B.C. Siddhartha, a prince of northern India, having despaired of finding the end of sorrow either through worldly or ascetic ways, sat under the Bodhi tree, and in deep meditation, experienced Nirvana, or ultimate liberation. Siddhartha's name is changed to Gotama Buddha, 'the enlightened one,' and he becomes the founder of a major world religion, based on the experience of enlightenment, which has influenced humanity for twenty-six centuries. It's interesting that the Buddha released all the traditional ways, both spiritual and secular, of his time, all the teachings, paths and teachers, before his own enlightenment experience came to him. Perhaps we too can find our own way when we let go and let ourselves be totally open for a new way to dawn in our hearts. The Buddha was once asked, "Are you an angel or a saint?" "No," he replied. "Well then what are you?" "I am awake," the Buddha replied.