We usually think of freedom as something that will happen some day, down the road, when conditions improve. Maybe when we graduate from school, or when we get the really good job, or when we make all that money, or when the perfect relationship comes our way, or when we retire, or when we will be free to travel, or maybe in the next life—then, then we'll be really free. But as a Zen Master once said, "If you're not free now, when will you be free?" What is holding us back from freedom? Perhaps it's simply an idea we are holding in our mind, a tiny thought that says, "You're not free." or "You can't be free yet." "You haven't earned it, or you don't deserve it." But perhaps freedom is just a decision we make, not something we have to wait for. Perhaps we can just decide to be really free now, and all the energy of the universe will align itself with our decision, and our freedom will be not just a thought but a reality filled with electric possibilities.