Jean Cocteau once said, "The moment is the only thing that counts." What in this now moment is calling, is beckoning, to us? This moment is always the moment in which we can have our breakthrough, our realization, our insight. There's always a choice in how we spend our now moments. We can refuse the moment, let it pass into a vague dream of the future or a regret of the past, or we can boldly, fearlessly enter this moment and allow it to reveal its hidden discovery to us. Jean-Paul Sartre once wrote, "We live in the past or the future to escape the brutal reality of the present." But the present only seems brutal when we are resisting whatever is trying to reach out to us in the present. When we let go to this present moment now, we find ourselves coming into agreement with what is actually happening both within ourselves and within our lives. Let's decide to live in this moment and let it reveal to us its hidden splendor.