What does freedom mean to us right now? I have a friend who freezes his mashed potatoes into ice cube trays. Then when he feels like having mashed potatoes, he decides how many cubes he wants, say two or three, and he pops them into the microwave, and the precise portion is instantly available. Sometimes we see our lives in terms of tidy categories, which we measure and dole out to ourselves. We use, what Alan Watts called, the Euclidean mind to measure: for or against, pleasure or pain, success or failure, and we find ourselves boxed into a very narrow way of seeing the Good of this life. Freedom comes to us when we release the need to pin everything down into fixed categories, when we let go of our need to measure our experience based on how we think it 'ought' to be, when we open our minds and open our hearts to a larger way of seeing and being in this life.