When we reverse a pair of binoculars by looking through them from the wrong end, even things that were close appear far away. When we turn the binoculars around and look through the correct focus, things are seen clearly in all their immediacy. Sometimes in our life, our vision of people and things is distorted, and we are seeing as if through reverse binocular lenses— everything looks distant and out of focus. When this is happening, it may look to us as if people and situations we are seeing are being aloof and distant from us— but it may just be our own viewpoint which needs to change. A woman was remarking to a friend how streaked and dirty her neighbor's laundry was. The friend pointed out, "It's not her laundry that is dirty, it is your window." When we clear our vision, it's surprising how many problems and obstacles melt away and how that which seemed so far from us becomes close at hand, warm and friendly. As Blake said, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, everything appears as it is— infinite." And, we might add, close, warm and friendly.