We've all experienced loss in this life— relationship, job, financial setback or even an inner sense of loss. Someone once said, "Things are so tough, it's hard to keep up with the losers." We've all been losers in one way or another. It's interesting to note Evelyn Underhill's statement that, when it comes to spiritual matters, the "loser always wins." Underhill says that on the spiritual path "he with the worst hand wins." Losing forces us to deepen our perspective on what's happening. There comes a point in our life when the notion of winning or losing itself ceases to be so important. We do what we do in life for the sheer joy of the doing of it— our reward is simply a happy by-product, and criticism ceases to annoy us. It's hard to imagine Van Gogh, Picasso, Dostoyevski or Mozart caring too much about the outcome of their genius. They simply gave themselves up to what they did. When we feel we are losing out in some way, perhaps we just need to see our situation from a new and different perspective. What looks like loss from one point of view may in fact be great gain from another.