Idries Shah cites this Sufi saying: "He who has made a door and a lock, has also made a key." At times we have all made a door and a lock, a mental image that locks someone up in our mind. We have all held someone in our mind in such a way that we can't imagine her or him being different from the view we hold. We all know the door and the lock; perhaps we also need to remember the key: we can "set the prisoners free" of our mental image of them. We don't need to hold anyone in the bondage of our mind. Anyone we are troubled by because "he won't change" we can release from our mental construct. When we set the people in our lives free from our images and expectations of them, we feel a tremendous sense of release and relief and realize what a heavy burden we have been carrying. People really do very well once we release them from the pressure (conscious or subconscious) of our expectations. Set everyone free now, and notice how good you will feel.