A coffee store owner once said, "Coffee is my religion," meaning that he had such total dedication to his profession, he put so much of himself into it, that, for him, it was like a spiritual calling. We think of David, who danced before the Ark of the Covenant "with all his might" to show his love of God. What we do with our whole heart, our total being, there is how we express our religion, our deepest spiritual perception and understanding. Idries Shah tells the story of a meatball seller who, when he saw a great spiritual sage take a bite from a meatball, fainted and fell to the ground on the spot. When he was revived and asked what had happened, he said that he had been selling meatballs and watching people eat them for thirty years. He could tell the manner of the person's inner nature by how he eats a meatball. When he saw that man take a bite from the meatball, he was overcome with spiritual ecstasy. Never had he seen such spiritual perfection in the eating of a meatball. What you do reflects who you are -- do it with excellence.