This time of year we sometimes begin to feel dazed and lethargic—we go though the August blahs, and we feel that nothing much is going to happen until September or October, so that we might as well kick back and rest on our prior attainments. We can feel this way in terms of our jobs, our relationships and even our spiritual life—everything gets put on hold. We'll just wait and see. Meanwhile the warm days and nights soothe our tired selves, and we are semi-content. Then, one day, we suddenly realize: why should we wait for anything? This is the time when we are alive, right now. The power of the universe is flowing through our nervous system this moment. The energies of the cosmos are vibrating in our every pulse. We are one with the oneness of all life everywhere. What are we waiting for? Let's get busy bringing the good we seek into manifestation now! Decide to act now, and this will be an electric August, filled with new and joyous possibilities for you.