“Winter Creativity”

by Dr. Susan Nettleton

Here, the darkest days of the year occur in December. Much of our holiday traditions arise from the need to add light and color to the barren dark winter months. But how much do we really need to tamper with what nature has given us? In stillness, we accumulate energy which eventually springs us into action. In silence, we come into new insight—understanding through a different kind of listening. In darkness, we perceive a new kind of vision. Inner vision is the embryo of creativity and creativity is essential to both our survival and our fulfillment. On a very practical level, it allows us to reframe our life situations and to see new solutions to human difficulties. But creativity also fuels our capacity to capture the wonder, beauty and mystery of life in a magical burst of artistic expression. Music, poetry, dance, literature, visual art—all bring a profound satisfaction and, in their own powerful way, sustain human life. So as the winter unfolds, we can add our individual human touch with lights and decoration in holiday celebrations. But we can also take time to reflect on what God has provided in darkness.