“We All Need Help”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A wife once said to her husband, "Why don't you ever nibble on my ear, like you used to when we were first married?" The husband gets up and starts to leave the room. "Where are you going?" asks the wife. "To get my teeth," answers the husband. None of us is in this life is all alone. We all need help. Sometimes we need tools and gadgets to help us, but most of the time we need each other. It is very tough to try to walk this earth all by ourselves. When we share our journey with each other, things that were impossible suddenly become possible. There's an old hermetic saying, "Two may go where one dare not." Let's acknowledge our interdependency, our interwovenness with each other and all things, not as a weakness but as staking our claim as full participants in the oneness of all life. We are a part of it all anyway, so why not relax and let ourselves be related.