“Unexpected Income”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A man once had a dream in which he dreamt that the I.R.S. owed him a tax credit of $1,000 but they couldn't find his address to send him the money. The man woke up shouting, "It's in the phone book." Perhaps at this time of year, we all could use an unexpected financial windfall. Maybe we can allow ourselves to be open and receptive to the idea of unexpected income. Life seems to respond to us in kind. Each day we receive more or less what we expect. Yet if we allow ourselves to entertain the idea of the unexpected good—something beyond our calculations—then we have created a new expectation. Now we expect both the expected and the unexpected. Think of a surprise gift coming from an unexpected source. How happy and grateful we feel whenever the unexpected good comes our way. This holiday season allow for the expected and also allow for the unexpected to come your way.