“Trust Challenge”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A spiritually-minded hiker once lost his way in the mountains. The day grew into night as the hiker was trying to find his way. The night became very dark and as the hiker was walking along, he stumbled and fell over a precipice. As he was falling, he desperately reached out and grabbed the branch of a tree on the side of the precipice. Staring downwards, all that the hiker could see was an abyss of darkness. What he didn't know was that there was only a one-foot drop between himself and the ground. Being spiritually inclined, the hiker finally yelled out a prayer as a call for help—"Is there anyone down there?" After a brief pause, a deep spiritual voice answered, "Yes, my son, I am here." "Oh, thank goodness," sighed the hiker. "What should I do?" "Just let go of the branch, my son." There was a long pause and then the hiker added, "Is there anyone else down there?"