“The Inner CEnter”

by Dr. Larry Morris

Where is our center? We hear of being inner-directed versus being outer-directed or other-directed. When we are centered within ourselves, our life works from a sense of inner-directedness. Remember: people and situations shift and change; the ground remains the same. When we feel centered from within, we don't feel helpless or a victim of circumstances. We feel that we have some causal connection to the events and experiences in our life. We don't feel out of control. We participate in shaping how our life works. Being centered gives us a sense of creative action in the midst of whatever outer situation or challenge we may be facing. And regardless of the outer circumstances, we can always turn within and find our center of peace, poise and equilibrium in ourselves. As we discover this inner center, we find creative solutions and spiritual breakthroughs — we feel a new kind of heart openness unlike anything we've known before. And we realize that God is the center.