“Spring Fresh”

by Dr. Larry Morris

This is a good time of year to have a spiritual garage sale. As Winter fades into Spring do we feel fresh and newly alive inside our minds and hearts? Are there any old worn out thoughts and feelings which we haven't yet released? Sometimes we carry around an old attitude or opinion or point-of-view through which we are still seeing things, even though we no longer really believe in its validity. We simply at some point forgot to let it go. Perhaps we're busy blaming instead of changing things. A man was always complaining about his lunch. He told his fellow worker, "Oh no, not cheese sandwiches again—I hate cheese sandwiches." The other man suggested, "Why don't you ask your wife to make another kind of sandwich?" The man replied, "I'm not married, I make the sandwiches myself." Since we all make our reality sandwiches ourself, let's try making them fresh and new and joyous this Spring.