“Remember to Say Thank You”

by Dr. Larry Morris

As children we were taught to say thank you for the gifts we received. Many of us send thank you cards for gifts or after visits to friends. Yet how often, when we receive that which we hoped and prayed for in life, do we stop and remember to give thanks. After several months of waiting, we finally sold our house recently. Instead of being happy and grateful on the day of the sale, l found myself worrying about the next batch of issues going on in my life. A special friend is coming to visit: instead of being absolutely filled with joy and anticipation and gratitude, we spend time fretting about the plans for the visit. At some point we can consciously take time to be deeply grateful for all the good we have already received, the good we are receiving now and for the good that even now is on its way to us. Our life is filled with gifts—each day brings us endless opportunities for gratitude. We can remember to let ourselves be grateful for the gift before we go on to dealing with the next thing in our life.