“Perfecting Our Craft”

by Dr. Larry Morris

Whatever we do in this life is our calling—it is the way in which we offer the gift of our heart to this earth. Let's not be sloppy or haphazard in giving ourselves to this world; life deserves our best gift and so do we. James Joyce, perhaps the greatest 20th century novelist, spent many years writing his masterpiece, Ulysses. It is said that he once spent three weeks writing one sentence. Joyce was one of the greatest masters of our language. He dedicated years of study to be able to perfect his use of the English language. We too can dedicate ourselves to perfect our work in this world. We may not be a great writer, but we can decide to perfect the skill and talent and gifts that we have received through this life. Like James Joyce, we can each gather ourselves together and focus on a worthy purpose and achievement in this life.